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Murakami’s in Kenya, Family Vacation - Day 8

Last day on safari

On the first part out, our AWESOME driver (Adan) found another cheetah with his eagle eyes. Seriously. It was so far out, but he managed to spot it without binoculars! 

And as if that wasn’t enough, Adan found a leopard up in a tree! It’s super rare find b/c they spend most of their time up in the leafy parts of trees. But of course Eagle Eye Adan found him! It’s hard to even see in this photo, but look just above the dark branches that make a diamond shape. He’s looking back… 

There was another vehicle that was with us when we saw the cheetah, so Adan radio-ed that driver as soon as he spotted the leopard. Well, EVERY OTHER vehicle in the masai mara heard the call and started showing up at our spot since the leopard is usually so tough to find. It was pretty hilarious, about 20 other vehicles showed up! 

Finished up the safari with more beautiful sites 

A couple more lions  and giraffes  

After the drive back to Nairobi, Adan dropped us off at our hotel and we said our goodbyes. Seriously, Adan is the best safari driver you could ever have. If you ever plan one, book through Pollman’s and asked for Adan Mbaganja 

Took some time to rest, then we went to hangout and have dinner at Nairobi’s Village Market mall. They have an Art Caffe there, so I got another Art Ice Coffee haha

> Coming up: struggle to find travel, 8 hr car ride, and final arrival in good ‘ol Kitale

Murakami’s in Kenya, Family Vacation - Day 7

More safari!

(for this post: promising less words, more pictures. HAPPY ria?!? rude)

Woke up early for a morning game drive… saw more animals  

and more beautiful landscapes  

Oh and we got stuck, again.. in this: 

Went until 12 when we stopped for a visit to the Maasai tribe. The crazy hat is made from lion skin and is worn whenever someone kills a lion  (next post has video of me dancing with the Maasai’s)

After a lunch break and nap back at the lodge, we went back out and saw a cheetah! 

And Simba & Nala…

Then Sarabi with her baby cubs 

bringing us to the end of the day 

Just one safari/game drive left… then back to Nairobi

> Coming up: last game drive with rare leopard sighting and majestic giraffes, then back to Nairobi, goodbye to awesome Adan, and hangout/dinner at another nice mall

Murakami’s in Kenya, Family Vacation - Day 6

The safari begins!

We got picked up from our nice ash hotel by Pollman’s, the safari company. It was so fancy - they sent a rep to first explain the itinerary and welcome us, then the driver actually picked us up for the 3-4hr ride down to the masai mara. Along the way, we stopped at a viewpoint of the great rift valley and got stuck twice in these sandy/swampy areas.

But we eventually made it and checked into our hotel, The Mara Sopa Lodge 

And took off for our first game drive (safari drive in the Masai Mara National Reserve).. saw tons of animals and beautiful landscapes 

On this first drive, we were lucky enough to find some lions! The mama actually came RIGHT UP NEXT TO US!! 

Our driver/guide, Adan, was THE best! He was very nice, out for our best interest, and very knowledgable. He kept teaching us all these interesting facts throughout the drive. For instance, he picked this leaf off a bush while in motion and told us how the Masai tribesmen rub it on their underarms as deodorant….. cool. 

Then as the sun starting setting, we decided to call it a day and headed back to the hotel to rest up for a full day’s game drive tomorrow 

> Coming up: Many more animals, including a bunch of wildebeest, a herd of elephants, more simba’s and mufasa’s, a cheetah.. and Kylie dancing with Masai warriors