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Murakami’s in Kenya, Family Vacation - Day 5

My family and I were pretty ready to get out of Mombasa by the third day because of the intense heat and ridiculous humidity. So we did - flew back to Nairobi on Kenya’s main intra-national airline: Flight 540 

They were pretty happy to get out of the humidity, as you can tell

Once we landed in Nairobi, wonderful Gina drove us to our hotel. Now, I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but we stayed at the Crowne Plaza. I know.. kinda contradictory: in Africa/Kenya and you stay at this upscale hotel. buuut, it was a very reasonable price considering how much you’d normally spend on a hotel during vacation. 

So after settling into our nice ash rooms, we headed out for Westgate Mall to hang out and have dinner. I embarrassingly, again, admit that it seems a little wrong to go to such a nice mall, but why not? haha It’s still boosting the economy and it’s still Kenya! fine fine. I lose 

But I mainly go here for this restaurant that has this drink I’m ADDICTED to: ArtCaffe’s Art Ice Coffee.. basically a coffee slushy, but with top-notch, Kenya coffee flavor. So we had dinner here and I had two (that bottom photo actually isn’t it. I didn’t have a photo of it, but you get the idea) 

It was a relatively slow day so we could rest up before the big safari!

> Coming up: safari in the Masai Mara, getting stuck in Masai-land, and awesome Adan